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About Painmaster in Europe

Painmaster® is a patented product, developed in the USA and approved by the FDA.

The Painmaster MCT Patches are distributed in Europe by:

Painmaster MCT Patch B.V. (the Netherlands).

Should you wish to get in touch with us and/or to sell or promote the Painmaster MCT Patches, please contact us via email.

Street: Julius Caesarlaan 132
Postcode: 2314 BS
City: Leiden
Country: The Netherlands

In the United Kingdom, Painmaster is distributed by:

Quantum Health and Wellness Ltd.

Street: 115 Wallasey Road
Postcode: CH44 2AA
City: Liacard
Country: United Kingdom

Individuals may order Painmaster online from this website.

Should you wish to get in touch with Painmaster for other countries outside Europe, please contact us via email:   

Painmaster Global Website:

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